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We have been very busy getting ready for our conference art fair which brings up the whole idea of comparing student art work and assigning awards to certain pieces.  I always tell my students that the judges are humans with opinions.  They may not like or “get” your piece but that doesn’t make it bad.  If we took it to another art show, it could very well win.  It is great to win, get awards and be recognized for our efforts as artists but that can’t be THE reason we do this.  We just have to love it.  We just have to have that inner voice that tells us to keep making stuff!  It is a drive that keeps the starving artist from just giving up and getting a “real” job.  So, no matter how we do at contest, we still have hundreds of pieces that were only months ago just supplies in a cabinet or clay in a box.  Now, that is the cool!  But can I still say quietly…..I love it when my students win!

4 thoughts on “Judging student work

  1. VERRRRY COOL! It is great how much enthusiasm and time you put into helping the students!! Good luck and hope the students do well.

  2. Great job Kathy, your one of the “bright” lights here at the Audubon School! What a wonderful program you have developed for the kids.

  3. The Western Iowa Conference Art Show has full of wonderful art by students. The art that we looked at was AMAZING! The talent is beyond words! We at Artisan, would love to feature some of the local art students work at Artisan in Woodbine, Iowa. We would love to do an annual exclusive high school show in May (over memorial weekend). If this isn’t possible we would willing to work with individual art students to help them promote their talents/art. Please pass on this information to others and see where it takes us. It is important to us (here at Artisan) that our your young artists, in the mid-west, get as many opportunities as they can to promote their talents and art … We want to get involved and help the arts… Your art students and yourself are doing GREAT … Congrats!
    Studio Director, Bracinda Blum – Woodbine Artisan 712-647-6154

  4. Thank you very much…here we are at the 2013 show and I am very proud of my students. Thank you all for your continued support.

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